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Courtyard Christmas Program

Friday, December 15th is a big day for our Courtyard Kiddos!  

We are having a Courtyard Christmas program that you won't

want to miss!  


Here are the details that you need to know about!  

  • Who is invited:  Parents and Grandparents 

  • Program Start Time:  Please see details below

  • Program Location:  Explorers Classroom

  • Classroom Party Time:  Directly After Program 

  • Classroom Party Location:  Child's Classroom

To avoid our guests from having to stand in the hallway for a very long time, waiting for their child's program to begin, we have staggered the program times by classroom.  Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the START of your child's program time. 


We will not start the below classrooms program prior to the below listed time.  It is our intent to start each class at the exact below time.

We will announce when each class is about to begin their program.  Please wait in the front hallway until you see your child's classroom transition into the Explorers classroom. Make sure to have your video and camera ready!

Parents should avoid entering their child's classroom prior to the program, as once a child sees their parents, the parent is what they want!

After a class completes their segment of the program, they will go back to their classroom to decorate cookies (parents and grandparents are welcome to help their child) and enjoy hot cocoa.

We appreciate your patience as we allow each class to do their own program.


Please ask Christa or Candace if you have any questions.  


Merry Christmas!

Christa & Candace

Creek Trail

  • Infants:               3:00

  • Toddlers:            3:05

  • Twos:                  3:10

  • Creators:            3:15 

  • Readers:             3:20 

  • Adventurers:      3:25

  • Explorers:           3:35


  • Infant A:            3:00

  • Infant B:             3:05

  • Toddlers:            3:10

  • Creators:            3:15 

  • Readers:             3:20 

  • Adventurers:      3:25

  • Explorers:           3:35

Christmas Party Donations

Attached is the link to contribute some donated items towards our kids Christmas party.  Thank you so much for helping us fund a fabulous party via your donations! 

Creek Trail Donations Link

Oscar Donations Link

This link also gives you the opportunity to provide funding for teacher gifts that will be given at our teacher Christmas party, on December 14th. 

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