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Learn about Our Amazing Kindergarten Readiness Program at Courtyard

Courtyard Early Learning Center is excited to share the last year before Kindergarten with those enrolled in our Kindergarten Readiness Program!

This year is full of daily assessment driven activities and experiences that allow the chlldren to learn science, math, reading, writing and much more through a play based curriculum.  Children will get to go on field trips, so they can learn about the world outside of the center, and develop many social and self help skills. 

Courtyard strives to provide a very FUN and EXPLORATORY environment for each kiddo, with the goal to let them be little while preparing for Kindergarten!


We have two tuition and enrollment methods:

$146 a week/$640 a month - Care is available from 7:30 - 3:30

$166 a week/$730 a month - Care is available from 6:30 - 5:30

This tuition includes:

  • Meals (3 a day)

  • Before & After School Care if you select the full day

  • All school supplies

  • No fundraisers

  • Less days closed versus public/parochial preschool.  (Check out our closings and compare) 

It is our goal to provide more for less cost than other private and public preschool options.  Keeping older children enrolled keeps the overall cost of care down for all families.  (Ask Christa about this math).  Spread the word!

Classroom Environment

Courtyard Early Learning Center believes in a FUN, LOVING and EDUCATIONAL day that allows kids to be kids, while learning from a play based curriculum.  Teachers work side by side with our Director to prepare fun and developmentally appropriate lesson plans that the kids are excited to be engaged in!

6:30 - 8:00:  Drop Off

8:00 - 8:20:  Circle Time

8:30 - 9:00:  Breakfast

9:00 - 11:00:  Lessons/Centers/Outdoor Time

11:00- 12:30:  Wash Up/Lunch

12:45 - 1:15:  Naptime/Rest Time

1:15 - 3:30:   Wake/Snack/Lessons

3:30 - 5:30:   Activities/Outdoor Time

Classroom Behavior

In order for the classroom to function with structure and proper time for the educational components, children enrolled in this program must be able to demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Follow direction with minimal reminders

  • Not demand more attention than other children in the room

  • Actively participate in routines

  • Show an interest in learning

  • Handle the structure and routine of the classroom

  • Regulate emotions in an age appropriate way

  • Must be fully potty trained

Children will be allowed to be a child at Courtyard, however, to ensure that every child is getting the experience and education that parents are paying for, it is important that children enrolled in this particular class be able to handle the dynamics of the classroom. Children that are enrolled with Courtyard at a younger age have a stronger likeliness of being successful at growing their abilities in these areas.

(Last Year of Attendance)


The year before Kindergarten at Courtyard is a FULL year!  Below is a list of things to keep an eye out for and look forward to!

January 2024 - We will provide parents the chance to enroll their child for our

   summer program during the summer of 2024.  If you choose not to enroll, we

   will assume your last day of Courtyard care will be May 17th, 2024.

January 2024 – We will ask parents to order Cap and Gown’s for Graduation. 

   Please watch for this PAPER correspondence.

March of 2024 – We will take cap and gown pictures for those that choose have them

   taken.  You can also have your child participate in our Spring photos, if you


May of 2024 – Graduation occurs!!  This is a fun filled family event.  We will

   have space for grandparents and other family.  Bring your camera!

Summer 2024 – If you choose to sign up, your child will participate in our

   Summer Program!  We take roughly 20 – 30 field trips around Jefferson

   City.  This includes the pool, movies, park visits, bowling, and other fun

   activities as we can book them! 

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