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Non-Parent Pick Up


Courtyard Early Learning Center will be requiring a signed authorization for non-parent pick ups starting May 1, 2023.

We are experiencing a large number of non-parent pick up's without prior communication.  We are responsible for the safety of a lot of little humans, and we need your help in ensuring that every child goes home safe every single day.


To the right, you will find the link to our non-parent pick up authorization.  These forms will be required every time you plan to have someone that isn't a parent pick up a child.  At this time, parents are still welcome to call/text/email to let us know about a non-parent pickup, we will complete the form for you.  However, the non-parent must sign this form when picking up.

When using a paper version, the parent must also sign this form. If you call/text/email the authorization, you will be required to sign this form at your next time at Courtyard. Be sure to stop by the office to sign.  The preference is that you request the form at drop off and sign it at that time (before the non-parent pick up).  Or doing the online version will keep you from having to stop by the office to sign.


You will find these forms on the sign in/out desk for a few months as a reminder.  We will place them out during Apriland require them starting May 1, 2023.

Parents are also welcome to print these at home (using the link to the right) and drop them off on our desk in the mornings.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

Candace & Christa

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