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Welcome to Courtyard's 
Kindergarten Readiness Program (KRP)

Courtyard Early Learning Center is actively enrolling families that would enjoy a PLAY based, FUN and developmentally appropriate

Kindergarten Readiness Program for children eligible

for Kindergarten in August of 2025. 

Every child develops at their own pace, and at Courtyard, it is our goal to ensure that each child is set up for success.  Because this particular program is set up and structured to provide Kindergarten Readiness to each enrolled child, children must have a pattern of being able to manage the structure of the day.  Children must have mostly mastered the following to be eligible for this program.

  • Follow direction with minimal reminders

  • Not demand more attention than other children in the room

  • Actively participate in routines

  • Show an interest in learning

  • Handle the structure and routine of the classroom

  • Regulate emotions in an age appropriate way

  • Must be fully potty trained

For children that are new to Courtyard, before enrolling, parents will meet with the Director, Candace Goff, to evaluate whether your child is ready for this program.  If the child is not ready, Candace will determine if another class can assist the child with preparing for this program in future months/years.

What is your goal for your child while at Courtyard?

Thank you! We’ll be in touch. Call to check on the status of your wait anytime!

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