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Attention FUTURE

       Grand Canyon University                                             Students!!!

"Choose a career you love and you will never have to go to work".  Denis Waitley

Courtyard Early Learning Center is looking for a lot of amazing future educators to provide top notch care for a lot of families!  We have a very fun group already established, and we need more smiling faces. 


Teachers should be prepared to come in each day and enjoy their job, do activities with the children, and overall have fun. Our days are filled with circle time, lessons and activities, and lots of outdoor play.  

Other than free awesome Preschool Lunches, playing kickball on the playground, and literally getting paid to play, here are some other awesome benefits!

  • 4 day work weeks, so you can study on that 5th day. 

  • 90% or more of your tuition paid to further education with our TEACH scholarship (For future Teachers)

  • Paid Courtyard on the job training with a mentor

  • Competitive wages

  • Vacation hours after 6 months of service

  • 11 Paid Holidays

  • Off early on Christmas and New Years Eve

  • Referral bonuses when you help us hire other talented teachers to round out our team!

Paid to Play while Learning to Teach

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