Easter Party

Friday, April 2nd is a big day for our Courtyard Kiddos!  

The kids will enjoy Easter activities throughout the week, and a Easter Egg Hunt on Friday!  Parents and Grandparents are welcome to come!  

Party Start Time:  Please see below details, FOR YOUR SPECIFIC LOCATION:

Please bring 12 EMPTY Plastic Easter Eggs and one bag of candy that doesn't have nuts in it (No Snickers, Reeces, Peanut M&M's, etc.).  We will double check the bag to ensure they are peanut free, and then use the candy to stuff the eggs.  


We would like to have your plastic eggs and bag of candy by March 31st.  Earlier is better.  :)


Here are several suggestions for safe candy and other items:




Hershey's Kisses 

Wonka's Nerds

Laffy Taffy

Lifesaver Gummies

Sweet Tarts


Easter Stickers

Easter Tattoos

Easter Mini Toys (Must fit in an egg)

Happy Easter!

Christa & Candace