Courtyard Water Days

Courtyard loves their water days!  They are scheduled for every Thursday, starting Thursday June 4th and ending July 30th.  Here are the details!  

Below is when water day is scheduled by class!

Two's:  9:00

Three A:  9:45

Three B:  9:00

Pre-K A:  9:45

Pre-K B:  Water Day is Wednesdays's at 9:00 am for Pre-K B

The kiddos will be outside for roughly 30 minutes.  Please bring your child a swimsuit, towel, water shoes, and a mesh bag to put wet clothes in.  Be cautious of bringing your "favorite" items, as water day is chaotic at times and we don't want to lose your child's favorite swim trunks!  


Remember to mark everything (including your child's bag), and communicate with your teacher any other expectations that you may have!

Remember to put sunscreen on your child each morning before you leave the house!  

Christa & Candace


Courtyard has a custom written curriculum that is utilized by our teachers to ensure that each Courtyard kid is ready for Kindergarten!  

Christa & Candace

Christa & Candace work as a team to ensure that Courtyard is the best in Jefferson City.  Find out more about Christa & Candace!         

Classroom Environment

We work hard at Courtyard to have fun, clean, and functional classrooms.  Check them out!

Teacher Resources

Page for teachers to find links to order Courtyard gear, find free training, and so much more....

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