Oscar Drive - Valentine Party

Friday, February 14th is a big day for our Courtyard Kiddos!  


Our teachers and the kiddos will be decorating Valentine bags to collect valentines during their party!  If parents wish to bring decorated boxes, they are welcome to, however it isn't required.  There will be games, a few special Valentine snacks, and of course a Valentine exchange! Parents and Grandparents are welcome to come!  


Please bring 20 Valentines, with your child's name on the "from" section.  The "to" should remain blank, to allow your child to hand out their Valentines to their classmates without the worries of "finding the right bag".

Party Start Time:  3:00 PM 

Donations Needed: 


Please remember, that valentine treat bags are welcomed if a parent wishes, however, because it can just turn into so much we do ask that to limit food and candy.  We prohibit foods that contain peanuts or peanut butter in them to be served  (Example:  We will not serve peanut M&M's, Reeses, Snickers, etc.).  


When in doubt, please ask Christa or Candace.  :)

Other valentine items such as pencils, erasers, tattoos, etc. are always treat bag favorites! The day can get rather hectic, so we appreciate your help in ensuring that we keep the kiddos safe!

Happy Valentines!

Christa & Candace


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