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Valentine Party

Wednesday, February 14th is a big day for our Courtyard Kiddos!  


Our teachers and the kiddos will be decorating Valentine bags to collect valentines during their party!  There will be games, a few special Valentine snacks, and of course a Valentine exchange! Parents and Grandparents are welcome to come!  

If parents would like to assist us with this celebration, you are welcome to sign up using the links below.  THANK YOU!

Creek Trail Valentine Party

Oscar Valentine Party

Please bring 20 Valentines, with your child's name on the "from" section.  The "to" should remain blank, to allow your child to hand out their Valentines to their classmates without the worries of "finding the right bag".  We know most kiddos have less than 20 classmates, however, this ensures everyone will get one, it keeps it simple, and we can allow the children to pass to others throughout the building.  Every child in the building celebrates if their parents choose to bring in valentines, even our sweet babies.


Please DO NOT bring candy for this party. The kids already have a lot of sugar for the day and it is difficult to manage candy in the center with allergies.  Tattoos, pencils, other small items that are not food are great.

Party Start Time:  3:00 PM 

Happy Valentines!

Christa & Candace

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