Tax Statements

Courtyard Parents!


It is that time of year again!  Tax time!

Creek Trail tax forms were placed in the child's folder on Monday, January 6th.  The Creek Trail Tax EIN number is:  46-4808329.  This number is listed on each of your statements and on your tax receipt.


Oscar Drive tax forms will be placed in the child's folder on Tuesday, January 7th.  The Oscar Drive Tax EIN number is:  83-3966911.  This number is listed on each of your statements and on your tax receipt.

If you do not find your tax statement in your child's folder, feel free to email me at to request it.

For those parents that have moved away, and need your statement e-mailed to you, please email me at

For our past parents, if your address hasn't changed, we will mail your statements to the address we have on file.

Anyone that wants a statement emailed to them, please email me to request an emailed statement.

Happy New Year!



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