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Today, August 3rd, there was an incident that is believed to have been a potential child kidnapping at a Child Care Center here in Jefferson City.

Providing a safe center is our top priority.  Providing a secure building is very much a team effort between myself, Candace, our teachers, our parents, and our Grandparents.

Here are reminders in regards to ensuring that we providing a secure building for our children, straight out of our existing parent manual plus a few other precautions.

  • Do not share the door code with others, even family and close friends.  The code that we give parents is their code and should never be shared with others. If you have someone that routinely picks up your child we can consult with you on getting them their own code. We ask that visitors ring the doorbell so that we can ensure that they are authorized to pick up and check their driver’s license.  

  • PARENTS MUST contact us if someone other than the parents are picking up. You are welcome to call us at 573-659-7550, email, or text Christa at 573-619-5436. 

  • If someone other than a parent is picking up, the person that is picking up must be on the authorized list on the child’s enrollment form. That person will be required to present a Driver’s License to verify that we are turning your child over the authorized person. 

  • Please ask visitors to not be upset with our teachers if they request their ID when the visitor picks up your child. Even if the visitor has been at Courtyard many times, if a teacher doesn’t know you, they are required to ask another teacher/management to verify that you are in fact authorized and may ask for your Driver’s License.  Our priority is to provide the safest environment possible at all times.

  • If you don't know someone, do not allow them to follow you into the center.  If someone does follow you into the center, feel free to visit with that person to ensure that they have a child here or simply escort that person to the office.

  • If parents see something concerning, or someone of concern lingering, please notify Christa or Candace immediately.  

  • If parents ever feel something is off, please notify Christa, Candace, or the person in charge immediately.

  • When pick up is being completed by someone other than parents, we ask that the child to be picked up by 4:45.

  • Parents that have routine "grandparent" pick up ~ Please share these requests with them as well.

Please sign the sign up genius indicating that you have read this notice and will help us be secure by following the above policies and safety precautions.

September 30, 2019

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