Courtyard Photo Day

We are excited to share that we have the pictures from Emerson Blake Photography ready to download!  You are welcome to go to the below link, find the pics you want to download, click on download, and follow the instructions.  If you have any problems downloading the pics, you are welcome to text/call/email Christa and she can walk you through it!  Please download within a few days, before they fall off of the website.

The final outdoor photos from Boy Aaron Photography should be available on a CD in your kiddo's file on or before Tuesday.  

We are very blessed to have two amazing photographers to take pics of our Courtyard Kiddos!  Thank you for letting them earn your business!

Friday, April 6th

Hello Courtyard Parents!

After communication with Lifetouch, it seems that Lifetouch will not be uploading any pictures to their website for you to look at and choose from.  We got that option 6 months ago during Fall pics, but that is no longer an option......for whatever reason.

If you happen to be the lucky parent that got great pics of your kiddo(s), I encourage you to go ahead and order them if you choose to.  You never know what the future holds in your kid having that smile again!

For those that just don't want to buy these Lifetouch pictures, we don't blame you.  We aren't buying any neither.  Candace and I are reaching out to a few photographers in hopes that we can find a way around hiring this company now and in the future, as the overall quality seems to be deteriorating.  Right now, we do not have a specific plan.  I am going to do some research this weekend, and we will either hire independent photographers to do a re-take, or will ask Lifetouch to come back with more experienced photographers.  Independent photographers will need some type of payment regardless, unlike Lifetouch who only charges if you actually order.  We are weighing all of the factors to provide the best quality for the cost to our parents.

Thanks for your patience.  We are very committed to having quality pics for our kiddos, especially that graduating class of 28 kiddos!

Christa & Candace

Thursday, April 5th

Hello Courtyard Parents!

Well, lets say that picture day was just not quite the success that we had hoped for.  Not wanting to be disrespectful, but we expected more.  And have gotten more from this company in years past.

Candace has reached out to Lifetouch, and they are going to see about fixing any errors, and uploading pics that may not be printed on your order form in hopes that some of those pics meet our expectations.  There is a chance, if we can't find the "good" pictures, we may ask for a re-take.


Before you choose to have your child's pictures retaken, first, I recommend you login in to their website and look at ALL of the pictures that your child has.  There may be some good ones that they didn't print on the picture day order form that you received.


Secondly, understand that even with re-takes, some kiddos just won't take good pictures in this quick paced picture taking setting.  And that is ok.  These are kids.  Sometimes they just don't want their picture taken.  Please understand that there are some less than quality pictures taken due to the lack of photographer experience, however, there are likely a few poor pictures taken just because your kiddo wasn't having it....not at all....and even the best photographer wasn't getting that pic.  That is what preschool picture days are like!  It is a gamble!    

If you love your pictures, by all means, please go ahead and order if you choose.  If you just aren't happy with your pics and are interested in a re-take, please call/text/email us and chat.

Please let Christa or Candace know if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a good rest of the week!

Christa & Candace


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