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Courtyard Photo Day

Emerson Blake Photography will be handling our photo day again this year! We are so excited, Beth Eads is amazing!

Check out the background options below!

Photo day can be A LOT!  Therefore, we are answering common questions below


Question & Answer:

1:  When are order forms due?

A: Order forms are due 2 days prior to photo day.  This gives us time to prepare staff.

2:  When is photo day?

A:  Photo day is March 19th at Creek Trail, and March 26th at Oscar.

3:  Who are checks made payable to?

A:  Emerson Blake Photography.

4:  Do you accept cash?

A:  Yes

5:  Will the teachers change my child after their photo, so that they don't damage their "picture day clothing"?

A:  Yes.  Please bring your play clothes in a bag that is clearly marked with your child's name (staple a name tag to it if necessary).  It is also helpful to include written instructions on the fact that you want them changed, and what to do with the picture day clothing.  TOO MUCH communication does not exist on picture day!! Remember, these teachers have 20+ parents throwing instructions at them, and they deserve some help in having written guidance.

6:  How do I get my photos?

A:  If you order just digital, Beth will send you a link to view your photos.  You are also welcome to check her website occasionally, to see if she has uploaded your kiddos shots yet.  If you do an "ADD ON" with print photos, those will be delivered to Courtyard and placed in your child's folder.

7: How long does it take to get our photos?

A: That depends on how many kiddos get pictures taken!  Beth works super hard at a quick turnaround, however, we do have a LOT of kiddos that get photos.  Doing all of that editing and communicating will take some time.  I would expect to view your child's photos within 2 - 4 weeks, based on past years.


8:  How do the "ADD ON's" work?

A:  There is a basic package that is required should you choose to get your child's photos taken.  However, you can add on other backgrounds by paying an additional cost.    

9:  What if I order just digital now, but would like print photos later?

A:  You are welcome to order print photos at a later date, via Beth's website.  

10:  Can we view previous work of Emerson Blake Photography?

A:   Here is Beth's website!

11:  What is the Cap and Gown picture day form for?

A:  This form is for kiddos that are graduating in May from Courtyard, and attending Kindergarten in August.  If parents would like professional pictures of their kiddos in their cap and gown, this is the form to complete.  The cost is $20.00.

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