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Parent Note 5-24-2017

Hello Courtyard Parents!

Summer is almost here!  The playground is mostly complete (we are waiting for more equipment to arrive!), our conferences are wrapping up and we are switching our themes, rooms and mind-set to SUMMER!  

We will start water days on June 8th.  We call them wet-n-wild Thursday! Please make sure your child has a suit, towel and a bag to put these items back into wet. PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS!   Each class will have a designated time to enjoy the water play.  

During summer we always encourage our main staff to take some time off (vacay mode!) and relax after all their hard work completing conferences and assessments.  That being said, you will see many new faces as we hire lots of summer help to make this possible!  We ask that you communicate daily with these new staff so they can provide you with detailed info about your child's day in the absence of the main teacher.  

By working together and being patient with one another we can allow these hard working ladies so much needed time off! 

Thank you for your continued support of our program. 

Christa & Candace

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