Courtyard Halloween Parade


Courtyard Early Learning Center will be hosting a Halloween Parade at 3:15 on Friday, October 30th.  This Halloween Parade will be on our playground, at both locations. Parents and Grandparents are welcomed to join us for this spooky time!  We ask parents to avoid entering classrooms and social distance as they can.

We are asking for Halloween treat donations.  See link below.

Creek Trail Location -

Oscar Drive Location -


Kiddos are welcome to wear their costumes all day, or parents are welcome to ask the teachers to put the children in their costume after nap.  Children that are in costume will remain in costume until pick up, so please consider the fact that they may get outside dirt and food on their outfit.  

*  Please make sure all of your children's items are clearly marked.

*  Please write down any special instructions for your teacher, so the busy day doesn't    

    cause them to miss something.  It does get busy, and the less they need to try to

    "remember" the easier it is on them.

*  Please leave unnecessary costume items in your car, ready for trick or treating.  We  

    don't want to lose those precious items right before it is time to go out!  :)

*  Please remember that while we love that occasionally parents choose to bring in

    treat bags for the kids, we are required to ensure the safety of all children.  Candy and other food            

    type treats must be cleared by Candace or Christa prior to the party day.  

    Non-food items are much easier, such as pencils, erasers (non-choking), bubbles, etc.   Because

    we already have a halloween snack prepared, parent provided food treats

    will not be served at the actual party.  Treats that aren't cleared with Christa or

    Candace prior to the party will not be provided to the kids.