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Tuition is due each Monday, during the week of care.  Parents are welcome to pay in advance, for as many weeks as they choose. Parents are also welcomed to set up auto payment, where your bank will mail a check for you.

Below is the Tuition break down, both by the week, and the monthly investment.  It is best to determine weekly tuition payments by using the weekly rate.  The monthly break down is a reference tool to understand your monthly/annual overall investment.  

                         Weekly Tuition Rate            Investment by Month

Infant               $197                                                $854

Toddler            $197                                                $854

Two                  $167                                                $723

Three                $152                                                $658

Four                 $152.                                               $658

Five                  $152                                                $658

Our tuition rates are directly determined by the number of teachers that are needed to teach and care for your child's age group. The tuition is not determined on potty training or any other factors.

The registration fee for a new child is $35.00.  There are no annual supply fees.  Your tuition covers all of the costs of supplies.

Please feel free to discuss questions with Christa.  

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