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It is Krispy Kreme time!  Izabelle Kesel's parents got us the opportunity to receive almost 100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser, using $500 worth of visa cards to purchase the donuts from a Thrivent Action Team.  Thank you to the Kesel's!


Our goal is to use the proceeds of this fundraiser to fund our summer activities, for our 5 year old classroom as well as other summer purchases for each of the center's classrooms!  We want to rock the summer of 2017!

We do not need you to submit the form, we simply provide it to help you organize purchases from family, co-workers, and friends.  You can share this form on your Facebook page, it is a jpeg.

To inform us of how many dozen you are ordering, you can click on the following link:

Simple Fundraising Tips!

1.  Print or grab an order form from Courtyard.

2. Post this at work, ask family, neighbors, post on Facebook, etc.  

3. Tell us how many dozen you need via sign up genius.

4. Pick up your donuts after 7:00 on 3/24/2017.

Thank you so much for assisting us with funding our exciting summer plans! 

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