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Ice Storm 2017

January 13, 2017 Update - Due to the storm moving into the area earlier than previously predicted, we will be CLOSED today.  Please stay safe and warm!


Courtyard Parents-

It is our goal to provide care for parents that need care, while reducing the possibility of injury of our teachers.  As long as I (Christa) can physically make it to Courtyard, we will be open.  


Based on the  current weather forecast, we will be open at our regular opening time of 6:30.  I am monitoring the weather throughout the day, to determine if a late start will be necessary.


Should we need to open later or close entirely in the case that we can't physically get to Courtyard, we will use our text messaging system, email and Facebook. We will also post on KRCG.  

To ensure that we don't unnecessarily ask teachers to report , we are asking parents to contact us as soon as possible, if you already have plans to stay home tomorrow.  Doing this will give us a chance to plan, and keep teachers safely at home if they are not needed.  So if you already know your plans, feel free to call right now!


You may contact us via the following:


Office:          573-659-7550

Cell/Text:    573-619-5436



On a more positive and fun note, for those that are arriving tomorrow, we will be turning tomorrow into a pajama and movie day.  We will be watching the following movies:  Alvin & the Chipmunks:  The Road Chip and The Good Dinosaur.

Stay safe & warm,

Christa & Candace

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