Courtyard's Thanksgiving Family Meal

Good afternoon Parents!

We are hosting a special Thanksgiving Meal for all of the kiddos on November 27th and you are invited to join us!  As always, Grandparents are also welcomed to join us!  We are asking for donations to make a full course Thanksgiving meal, for all of the kids and their families!  We are serving Turkey, Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Dinner Rolls, Corn, Pumpkin Pie, and Green Bean Casserole.  


To ensure we have proper parking, building space in the center, and time to properly serve each classroom in a timely manner we are breaking the lunch down in specific times for each class. Below is a time breakdown of when classrooms will be served.  Teachers will make the kiddos plates in their classrooms.  Parents are welcome to eat in their child's classroom after making their own plate at our Thanksgiving parent buffet in the hallway.

Infants & Toddlers:  10:45 am

Twos:  11:00

Three A:  11:15

Three B:  11:30

PreKA:  11:45

PreKB:  12:15

Thank you in advance for all of the donations!  Feel free to drop them off in the office on or before Monday, November 25th so that we can organize everything!  The kids always really enjoy this Thanksgiving meal with their family!

We wanted to take this moment to thank each of our Courtyard parents for all you do for us.  These kids have a great place to be every day, and it certainly is a team effort!  We are grateful that you choose Courtyard each day!

Christa, Candace & Teachers