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Parent Note 12-13-2016

Good afternoon Courtyard Parents!

This week we are hosting a Scholastics book fair!  Please do some shopping, and consider purchasing your donated book for this Friday's Christmas party at our book fair!  Book Donation Details:

The City of Jefferson City requires that we keep children's blankets from touching one another during the week.  We do our best to keep them separate, however, we need parents help.  Please bring your child's blanket and pillow in a bag each Monday morning.  The bag can hang from your cubby hook during the week, and this will allow us to pack them up for you on Friday.  Thanks for your help!

This Friday, December 16th is our Christmas program and classroom parties.  Parents and Grandparents are welcome to attend, bring cameras!  Click here for the Christmas Program details:

Please remember to check your child's cubby to ensure that they have weather appropriate clothes as the weather gets cooler.  And a friendly reminder that all items should be marked with your child's name.  

To help parents out with birthday treats, we have uploaded several pictures of items that HISTORICALLY have been safe here at Courtyard.  Check out this page:

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to stop by and discuss!  Have a GREAT Christmas season week!


Christa & Candace

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