Birthday Treats!

Parents are welcome to bring birthday treats for their kiddos on or around their birthday!  Courtyard Early Learning Center is a nut-free facility.  This means, that we will not use any foods that contain nuts, or that are manufactured in a facility that utilizes nuts.

This can make bringing birthday treats a bit tricky, however, we assure you that nut free treats are out there!  Below is a list of treats that can be found at Walmart (and I am sure at other grocery stores, however, Walmart seems to have the most options) to help you enjoy purchasing some treats for your little one's special day!

Please do NOT have a bakery, of any kind, custom make your child's birthday cake/cupcakes.  There are NO bakery's in town, including Walmart, that will truly be nut free.  Please understand, that we must have the specific brands listed below.