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Miss Candace Goff - Director

Miss Candace is the Director, and does a fabulous job of providing clear guidance to teachers, assisting parents with day to day questions and situations, and showing each and every child love and respect every single day.  

Birthday:  August 25th

First Day at Courtyard:  April 7, 2014


Favorite Color:  Blue


Hobbies:  Reading and spending time with family.


Favorite TV Show:  Big Bang Theory

Biography:  I am a mother to 3 smart, wonderful children and married to the man of my dreams.  We live in out in the country and we love to be outdoors.  We hunt, fish, camp and do a lot of outdoor work around our house.  I love working in my garden and flower beds.  When we can’t be outside we enjoying playing card games and watching netflix.    

I have been in preschool my entire life.  My parents have owned preschools in Jefferson City and Holts Summit since I was a child. When I was senior in high school my first job was at a pre-school, I loved every minute of working the children and since then I have never had a job that wasn’t in preschool.  

I have worked in preschools in Arizona and Georgia, I got my first directing position at a large preschool in Georgia when I was 22.  I have directed 4 other preschools since then and really enjoy providing exceptional care and learning experiences for the children in our community.   

Miss Candace says her favorite part of Courtyard is the kids.  She loves watching them learn and progress throughout the program.  She will tell you that to "know I had a small part in their early education is the reason I come to work each day!"

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Miss Christa Luebbering - Owner

As the owner of Courtyard, my mission each day is to provide children with a fun, loving, respectful, educational and energetic place to come each day!  I enjoy providing quality jobs to those that love children and want to learn and grow in a structured work environment.  Each Courtyard teacher and leader is to be 100% child focused, which means that every effort of every day is for the betterment of the children and this center.  I am proud of what we provide families each day!

Birthday:  May 17th

First Day at Courtyard:  February 28, 2014

Favorite Color:  Purple

Hobbies:  Reading, watching my girls play softball and spending time with family.

Favorite TV Show:  This is Us

Favorite Holiday:  Christmas (not because of the gifts though)


Biography:  I am a mother of 4 fantastic children, Kaitlyn, Morgan, Gage, and Beau and the wife of a pretty amazing guy, Clinton Luebbering.  I pretty well spend every moment of my time helping my husband with his home building business (Clinton Luebbering Construction, L.L.C.), working to keep Courtyard in it's prime, and spending time with my kids.  My girls are both very into softball, which takes a lot of our time, but I love seeing them get dirty sliding into home or striking someone out!

I love seeing these kids each day.  That is why I am here, and why Courtyard exists.  Education of course is a key component to a child's day, however, I believe that before learning can occur a child needs to feel safe, loved, and respected.  A child's well being is my first priority. Every single day.

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