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Graduation 2018!

Thursday, May 16th is the big day!  We are so excited for our graduating class, and I know the kiddos are getting more and more excited!  We are very proud of these kids, and how hard they have worked this year.  We have made huge progress, and are so excited to see where these kiddos go in life!  

Here are graduation details:

Start Time:  6:00 PM 

Location:  West Ridge Event Center

             219 Murphey Ford Road

             Centertown, MO 65023

This is about a 10 minute trip from Courtyard, down highway 50 towards Centertown.

We will keep the graduation gowns, and put them on the kiddos as they arrive that day.  Graduation gowns will be sent home after the ceremony.

This is a huge celebration!  We keep it light and fun, so don't stress if your kiddo does his/her own thing. It is preschool, they have the entire rest of their lives to follow "all the rules".  :)

Feel free to ask any of us any questions about the ceremony.  We are excited to enjoy the day with these kiddos!

Joyce, Megan, Gina, Madeline, & Kayla

Christa & Candace

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