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Courtyard Teacher Christmas

Candace and I enjoy treating our teachers to a very nice Christmas each year, as a sign of our appreciation for all they do for us and your kiddos.  Some parents prefer to do their own thing, and that is perfectly fine!  Some prefer to join in our group effort, and that is wonderful as well!  If you want to join in our group effort, below is a link of some donations that we are accepting.  

We have a few special events planned, such as a cocoa bar and a pancake station.  If you can help us set these up, that would be much appreciated.  We would truly appreciate your effort and/or financial contribution



Thank you very much! 

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Party Donations

Attached is the link to contribute some donated items towards our kids Christmas party.  Thank you so much for helping us fund a fabulous party via your donations! 

Creek Trail -

Oscar -

This link also gives you the opportunity to provide funding for teacher gifts that will be given at our teacher Christmas party, on December 9th. 


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