Christmas at Courtyard

Christmas time is a BIG deal at Courtyard.  We make the entire month about Christmas. We have a Christmas program for every age's classroom (yes...even our sweet babies), we invite parents and grandparents to it and ask them to join us while we decorate cookies and have a visit with Santa.  It is quite the photo opportunity!  We FILL the building with the kiddos families and join in together in the Christmas spirit!

Due to COVID, we are not able to have our normal large Christmas program....however, you know we aren't going to slow our plans for Christmas!  These kiddos deserve every single day in December to be filled with fun and excitement, and that is what they will get!  We will have daily Christmas activities incorporated into our lessons, Candace and Gina have changed out a few centers to add to the holiday magic!  The teachers are super excited to spend this holiday time with your kiddos!


Here are the details that you need to know about for 2020!

Christmas Program:  


Because we are not able to have an in person Christmas Program this year, we are going to do our Christmas Program Presentations virtually on Friday, December 11th! Check below to see when your child's classroom program presentation will be uploaded to Facebook, so you can keep an eye out!  

Creek Trail Drive:

Infants:    3:00

Toddlers:  3:05

Twos:      3:10

Three A:   3:15

Three B:   3:25

Pre-K A:   3:35

Pre-K B:   3:45

Oscar Drive:

Infants A:  3:00

Infants B:  3:05

Toddlers   3:10

Two's:      3:15

Three's:    3:25

Pre-K A:   3:35

Pre-K B:   3:45

Santa Visits:  

We are having visits from Santa!

Creek Trail will have a visit from Santa on Friday, December 11th from 9:00 - 11:00.  

Oscar Drive will have a visit from Santa on Friday, December 18th from 9:00 - 11:00.

We respect that some families would prefer their child to avoid a visit with Santa during this time of illness, or for any other reason.  If you choose not to have your child visit with Santa, please sign the below list.

Book Donation:

We will be asking parents to provide a NEW book for Santa to give the children.  Note, we ask to limit spending to $5.00 to $10.00.   Your child will NOT get the book you buy.  We encourage parents to buy the book at our upcoming Scholastics book fair as Courtyard gets 40% of those proceeds to purchase books for the centers!  More information to come!  The book can be dropped off at the office unwrapped.

Christmas Treat Donations:

We are asking for some donations to help with our sugar cookie decorating and hot chocolate enjoyment.  Donate by clicking on the link below!


Creek Trail:

Oscar Drive:


Merry Christmas!

Christa & Candace